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Aeneas & Dido. Click on the images to see their full glory.

We’re reading a book  called The Joy of Sexus, by someone named Judy León. It’s about the exuberant sexual behavior of the ancient Greeks and Romans. And such-like.

How d’you like this? “Sex is life’s celebration of its own gaudy excess.”

Oh, yeah. We like it. We’re all for gaudy excess.

That came from Mr. Bruce Bagemihl, a guy we think we’d like to meet. He goes on to say, “It’s an affirmation of life’s vitality and infinite possibilities [you got that right, Bruce!], a worldview that is at once primordial and futuristic, in which gender is kaleidoscopic, sexualities are multiple, and the categories of male and female are fluid and transmutable.”

Oh, those naughty Greeks and Romans! Who knew they were so far ahead of their time?

Kaledoscopic, eh? Wonder what happens when you look at a little fun through a kaleidoscope. Take this attractive couple, for example:

33 gs shutterstock_270845543If we peek at them through this kaleidoscope, what do we get? Click on the images for bigger and better pix.

Strange! Seems to have turned into a one-man show, doesn’t it? Not that he isn’t so cute that we can appreciate 87 berjillion of him. He is. Very cute. But talk about fluid: the woman becomes the phallus!

Now that’s kaleidoscopic gender!

All things are possible...

All things are possible…


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