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Quiz: Can You Spot Husband Material?


Okay, Laydeez! The other day we met a lovely, smart, talented woman who has wed and shed, over the 75 years of her very lively life, not one, not two, not three, nay not even four, but FIVE alcoholic hubbies.

Oh, dear. There’s a gal who needs lessons in how to spot a qualified husband.

How about yourself? Can you spot a good one?

We asked our Aunt Tilly, who’s always been a good judge of men (a connoisseur, one might say), which of the fine gents we admire would make good husband material. Check out some of the racy boys who hang out around the Camptown Races.

Candidate A:


Yes, no, maybe?

Candidate B:

Candidate B

Why can’t you kids behave?

Candidate C:

Candidate C

Play it again, Sam.

Candidate D:

Candidate D

Please send me 70 dancing girls.

Candidate E:

Candidate E

Outta my way, you crazy fools!

Candidate F:

Candidate F

What, me? Worry?

 Candidate G:

Candidate G

All about me…

Candidate H:

Candidate H

Too, too hot not to handle

Candidate I:

Candidate I

As a matter of fact, yes, I am perfect…

Candidate J:

Candidate J

Lookit me, ma!

Candidate K:

Candidate K

Tell the Congressman I’ll be with him in a few, Joyce.

Candidate L:

Candidate L

My dad owns a collection of Congressmen.

So, how did you do? Which ones are you ready to spirit away to Vegas? Here’s how our choices matched up with the Expert’s Reviews:

cheatmanCandidate A:
Camptown Ladies: Wild and fun! You’d never have a dull moment with this gorgeous stud.
Aunt Tillie: Not husband material.

Candidate BCandidate B:
Camptown Ladies: Oh, how sweet! He has a hobby!
Aunt Tilly: Obviously mad as a hatter. Not husband material.

Candidate CCandidate C:
Camptown Ladies: Awwww, he looks lonely. He needs a lady friend.
Aunt Tilly: Not husband material. Drinks and smokes.

Candidate DCandidate D:
Camptown Ladies: OMG! He’s religious! What could be better? He’s already got the church lined up.
Aunt Tilly: Uh oh.

Candidate ECandidate E:
Camptown Ladies: Look! An individualist! A free thinker!
Aunt Tilly: Not a good sign.

Candidate FCandidate F:
Camptown Ladies: He has a sense of humor. Husbands always need a sense of humor.
Aunt Tilly: Not even boyfriend material!

Candidate GCandidate G:
Camptown Ladies: A rebel without a cause! So cool, so retro!
Aunt Tilly: Yuch!


Candidate HCandidate H:
Camptown Ladies: If that’s not a come-hither look in his eyes, we’d like to know what it is!
Aunt Tilly: Don’t give that one the key to the apartment!


Candidate ICandidate I:
Camptown Ladies: Oh, to die for! So European!
Aunt Tilly: Just imagine how that tobacco smoke makes him stink.

Candidate JCandidate J:
Camptown Ladies: What a zany goofball!
Aunt Tilly: Candidates must have a measurable IQ.


Candidate KCandidate K:
Camptown Ladies: Doesn’t he just reek money?
Aunt Tilly: A certifiable cad.


Candidate LCandidate L:
Camptown Ladies: {sigh} Inside every man there’s a little boy.
Aunt Tilly: GIRLS! Where on earth ARE you finding these men?


All things are possible...

All things are possible…

Follow us in reading the adventures of other girls of questionable taste, starting here in early October.

♥♥♥The Camptown Ladies♥♥♥

We found them at Shutterstock, Aunt Tilly! Artists, in order of appearance:

A. Pigrov Konstantin
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Stefano Cavoretto
Volodymyr Tverdohlib
Mr. Exen
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