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The Poet and the Erotic Image


We love the “Poem” department that appears weekly in the Sunday New York Times Magazine. Natasha Trethewey, Pulitzer-prize winning poet laureate of the United States, never fails to select something wonderful and sensuous. This week, though, the woman has outdone herself. Chana Bloch‘s Beaux Arts, a meditation on Courbet’s Origin of the World, picks you up and sets you down right in front of the painting.


…a hint of wet/ like the dab of white in the iris / that lights the eye

Is that or is that not the most marvelous image? Both the poetry and the painting, we mean. Those last three lines evoke the twinkle in a lover’s eye: perfect! They knew something about pleasure, too, those painters, Bloch observes. Surely the poet does, too!

All things are possible...

All things are possible…

Love it. Love you!

Your friends in fine erotica,

♥♥♥The Camptown Ladies♥♥♥


Image: Gustave Courbet, L’origine du monde. Public domain.
Click on the image for a larger, higher-resolution view.

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