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Contest! Who are we?

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She's so strict!

She’s so strict!

Aunt Tilly says if we’re going to keep on shilling…uhm, being the spokespersons for Camptown Races Press, we need to have our very own noms de guerre.

We suggested we should call ourselves “Madison” and “Ashley.” She almost had a kitten! Gave us another lecture about the Internet and Discretion and When a Secret’s Not a Secret and on and on. Absolutely she’s not gonna let us get away with that.

She’s SO strict. 🙄

So the Boss decided we should have A CONTEST to see if readers can come up with cool names for us. Here’s the deal:

Leave your idea for our new names in a comment to this post. Be sure to use a real e-mail where we can reach you if you come up with the WINNER.

B&B Test at 1600 wide2First prize is an advance copy of Camptown Races Press’s upcoming book, Bobbi and the Biker. It’s the first in a series. And we can tell you: it is hot! You’ll love it.

Mmm mmm MMH! So hot, the girl had to take all her clothes off!

Get her for free, while the gettin’s good.

Hurry and give us our names: comment below. We can’t wait!


All things are possible...

All things are possible…

.Love and Kisses,

The Camptown Ladies



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