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Do You Love Me? Or Only My Picture?


Have you been following the flap over the English barrister who got all exercised because some lawyer commented, on LinkedIn, that she had posted an especially good photo of herself?

She had quite the kitten over his compliment on her photograph: “I find your message offensive,” she hyperventilated. “I am on linked-in [sic] for business purposes not [sic] to be approached by sexist men or to be objectified by sexist men. The eroticisation of women’s physical appearance is a way of exercising power over women. It silences women’s professional attributes as their physical appearance becomes the subject.”

Gracious! What brought on this rant? What enraged the woman to the point that she shot off a diatribe without even a quick proofread?

Did he comment on her boobs? Did he admire her tush? Did he suggest she might enjoy a lay between court appearances, next time they’re down at the courthouse at the same time? Did he cast asparagus upon her character with the B-word, the ho-word, or one of those?

No. The cad went so far as to say “that is a stunning picture…. Best Linked in [sic] picture I have ever seen.”

We are shocked. Shocked, we tell you! And since we’re a bit on the shocking side ourselves, let’s take a look at this stunning commodity to see what the kerfluffle is all about.

proudman-compositeVery professional, we would say. We’d hire her photographer, any day. We might hire her as our barrister, if we ever got into British hot water.

Some of our colleagues are absolutely prettier. Still, she is cute enough to draw catcalls and annoying comments while she walks down the sidewalk.

We hate that kind of thing. It’s unwelcome…unwelcome enough to sensitize you, that’s for sure. Or even to cause you to fly into high dudgeon at the slightest hint of any such BS around the office.

Not that LinkedIn is exactly “the office.” But it’s close enough, we suppose, in an Internettish way.

That’s a little bit of a come-hither look, though, don’t you think? The coquettish eyes, that little smile…what is she thinking? Well, we know she’s probably thinking about the next case she’s going to try. But does just any dude on the street know? Men are men…no matter how much you scold, men are gonna think what men are gonna think.

We suspect we’re looking at a tempest in a teapot here. Wildly overblown. “Nice picture” is a far cry from, say, “Shake it for me, babe!”

You surely do run into some very nasty language online. But this isn’t it.

We asked Aunt Tilly what the appropriate response to “best LinkedIn picture I have ever seen” might be.

Said she, “In the LinkedIn context, the lady-like response is ‘thank you.’ After that you have nothing more to say to the gentleman. Ever. In our context, girls, the correct response is ‘we’re having a $199 special.'”

All things are possible...

All things are possible…

Yours for mutual respect and understanding,

The Camptown Ladies


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