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wooHOO!! Bobbi and the Biker IS HERE!!!

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Our first Racy Book for Racy Readers, Bobbi and the Biker, is now officially published at Amazon! What a hoot! We know you’re going to enjoy it.

Bobbi and the Biker is a kind of beauty and the beast story. Or maybe more like a class warfare thing…she’s a university professor, he’s a rough & tough biker (so he’d like you to think) who’s also a carpenter with his own contracting business. They get together by accident, and to stay together, over time, they’ll have to make a whole lot of accommodations.

This book is the first in a series that we expect to go on for quite some time. The next one will be all about Bobbi’s Secret Life.

Several other tales will come out before that installment appears, though.

Next week Camptown Races Press will publish two new stories: Janet and the Djinn and Veronica and KJ. The djinn story is the first volley of our Halloween blitz, and Veronica & KJ is a transgender story with a surprising twist. By the end of this month, we expect to publish a total of eight Racy Books, and we should get another eight or ten up next month.

We’re so excited! Please buy our book and review it on Amazon!

All things are possible...

All things are possible…

Love and kisses,

Joy and Bliss
The Camptown Ladies

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  1. Excellent! I know you’ve worked hard to make this happen, and I wish you the utmost success.

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