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Veronica & KJ, comin’ our way!


The Boss is publishing Camptown Races Press’s next book this weekend. It’s called Veronica & KJ, and it’s pretty interesting stuff: “transgender and more,” as she puts it.

We all had a time trying to locate a nice cover image. The Boss thought something really sensual and sexy, like a Toulouse-Lautrec painting, would go with the story, but it had to show two women. Together, if you know what we mean. So we — Joy and Bliss — found this picture, which we think is extremely cool:

Veronica & KJWhatever else you say about it, THAT is a picture that makes a statement. The statement. We mean…really. Do you have any problem figuring out what’s going on there?

Now Aunt Tilly says, “but that Amazon place doesn’t allow real Amazons. They won’t let you publish a picture with a woman’s boob hanging out in front of God and everybody!”

The Boss says, “It’s a freakin’ masterwork, forhevvinsake! They can’t ban Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec!”

She's so strict!

She’s so strict!

“They most certainly can, young lady!” says Aunt Tilly. “They own the store. They can do anything they please. And if they say no boobs allowed, they probably  mean ‘no boobs allowed.'”

“But it took half the afternoon to design that cover,” the Boss whines.

“Too bad. If you don’t want them to take your golden words down, you’d better come up with a proper package for ’em.”

So a day or so later, the Boss comes back with this one:

Veronica & KJ SOFA“What could be more perfect?” the Boss crows.

We think it’s even better than the boob portrait. We love it. We are so excited!

Aunt Tilly inspects it carefully. Pretty quick she says, “You thought the boob flopping in the breeze was going to get your book knocked off the Internet? Wait till the Amazon censors see that chick’s red bush peeking out there!”

“Bush?” we all squawk.

“What do you think that thing in her lap that matches her hair is? Interesting that she hennas it the same color red…but no matter how gorgeous the color is, the Amazon censor will spot that in a second.

“Besides, yellow type on gray? What’s with that?”

“Yellow is a sex symbol,” says the Boss.

“No, dear. The broad’s red bush is a sex symbol. The gray looks they’ve been smoking too many French cigarettes.”

Oh, well. The Boss took her design and plodded off into the night.

Next morning, she comes back with this:

Veronica & KJ 2Girlfriends LORESHow could she lose? Two girls in house dresses, with sea-green type. No boobs. No yellow cover lines. No gray background. Finally Aunt Tilly approved.

All we can say is it’s a darn good thing Mr. Toulouse-Lautrec liked to paint a lot…

Le voici!

Le voici!

All things are possible...

All things are possible…

Love and kisses

Joy and Bliss
The Camptown Ladies



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