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For your delectation, here’s a joke the Boss brought home from her business group this morning:

A priest, a doctor, and a lawyer go deep-sea fishing in a rowboat. After a bit, the boat starts to leak.

The lawyer says to the priest, “Pray! Pray that the boat stops leaking and we don’t sink!”

So the priest prayed. But the boat kept leaking. It was listing in the water pretty badly. Things are not looking very good for our friends.



Now a school of sharks notices they’re in trouble and starts to circle the boat. More and more sharks, all very excited, come along and circle around and around the boat.

“PRAY HARDER!” says the doctor. “Pray like crazy that those sharks don’t get us!”

Pretty soon the sharks start to form a line, nose to tail, starting at the boat’s stern. They line up like that, one after another, all the way from the boat to the shore.

The lawyer jumps up on the nearest shark’s back and hops across the sharks just like they were a pontoon bridge and jumps off on the beach and runs away.

“What on earth would make the sharks do a thing like that?” the priest wonders aloud.

“Professional courtesy,” says the doctor.

§ § §

We don’t know which is scarier: a shark, a lawyer, or a kelpie lurking in some Scottish lagoon. 🙂 But we’d be even MORE tickled if you read The Kelpie and told us which one you think is scariest. Or maybe Aunt Tillie is scariest!

10 clt shutterstock_1591301Yours for a titillatingly SCARY Halloween!

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