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Forbidden Love 3 LoResSo yesterday our latest Racy Book went online, for the delectation of our Racy Readers! This one is a Halloween story, and because of the [S-C-A-A-A-A-R-Y] nature of one character, we think it’s also a Dia de los Muertos story. What could she be other than la Santa Muerta? And boy, is she alarming!

The author — one of several who write as Roberta Stuart — has a real gift for magical realism. He (yeah, he’s a guy) revealed that in some of the earlier pieces, but this time he really lets it rip! The story is wild, and it gets even weirder when you finally find out what the male protagonist really is in his life…and then you think about the symbolic implications where the recent history of the Church is concerned. Wow!

This is an author who could write some serious literature, if only he didn’t have to hold down a day job to put food on the table. The question for him — and for all of us here at Camptown Races Press — is whether a skilled writer can put food on the table by writing NON-serious literature (ahem!), leaving some free time and creative energy for higher-minded stuff.

Our heroine, Anaïs Nin, shows that can be done. You’ll recall that while she was living in Paris amongst the other free-wheeling artists and writers of her time, she took on a freelance job writing porn for a wealthy, dirty-minded client. You can buy collections of these stories at Amazon, interestingly. They’re regarded as the first erotica written from a woman’s perspective. And you have to allow, the spin is different from the hard-core stuff you see written for men by men. There’s a reason a portal like PornHub reckons its readership is 80% male, while readers of our kind of literature are about 80% female.

Actually, Anaïs Nin’s racy stories are interesting. Particularly interesting is the fact that, presumably because they’re now regarded as artifacts of literary history, characteristics that would instantly get one of our stories banned from Amazon are blithely allowed to pass: pedophilia, rape, incest, and the like. You’ll also find a rehash (amazingly mediocre) of The Romance of Lust on Amazon, also full of child-effing, mother-effing, sister-effing, and everyone-whipping. One does wonder about Amazon’s double standard. Not that we’d want to see more of those things on Amazon. Just sayin’.

At any rate, here at Camptown Races we hope to write fun, entertaining, and even up-lifting (hey! stop that laughing, you!) stories that are sexy and free of violence or children. Be safe, be happy, and enjoy!

All things are possible...

All things are possible…

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