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FRIDAY! Our First Story Arrives!


Mark your calendars, everybody! This Friday our first Racy Book goes live at Amazon! Here it is:

Full-size BB1 jpegDoes that guy have a bod’ or not? And mmm-mmm-MM! He’s not alone! 😀

After her car dies in 115-degree heat, Bobbi Stuart is rescued by the man who both frightened and intrigued her during a chance encounter. An interlude involving the  professor and the biker ensues.

We love bikers! They’re SO studly…

This “interlude” is the first of a series about Bobbi and her biker friend, Will (“BillyBob”) Jesperson. In the first couple of stories the unlikely duo hit it off, though they have to come to terms with their differences. Then, as the series moves along, they start to get into some serious mischief.

We know you’re gonna love these stories as much as we do! Watch for them on Amazon, beginning October 3.

All things are possible...

All things are possible…

Love and kisses,

The (Literary!) Camptown Ladies


Heee! Wait’ll you hear about Lili Lolli…Bobbi calls her “Lulu Faloozie.”

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