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Halloween Is Coming! Get a Free Treat NOW!


We love the fall, because it’s full of FUN! Especially fun holidays. First up is Halloween, which we think is more fun than anything. We live in an old central-city neighborhood that’s begun to gentrify — young couples are moving in and bringing their cute little kids with them. And since this is one of the few modestly affluent ’hoods around, the people in the low-income apartments all around us bring their kids here, where they can be a little safer tricking-and-treating. Everybody goes out in front to greet the little haunts — the place is alive with kids, and it’s more fun than anything.

Speaking of trick (heh!) or treat, Camptown Races Press has got a big bag of Halloween treats for readers! The first one, Janet and the Djinn, will be available today or tomorrow at Amazon. This is a fun and up-beat story (a couple of the scary ones that come out closer to the Big Ghost Day are a shade on the dark side!). A spurned wife, feeling lonely and rejected, answers a Craig’s List ad. The result? Oh my!

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Hurry! The book will be out in another day, so be sure to get yours before it’s available at Amazon!

UPDATE: This offer has ended. BIG THANK YOU to everyone who subscribed! We hope you enjoy Janet & the Djinn.

All things are possible...

All things are possible…


Joy and Bliss
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  1. Please send me a free copy of “Janet and the Djinn”.

  2. I’ve subscribed! Hope it’s not too late to get a free copy of Janet and the Djinn.

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