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Weird Encounter of the Celtic Kind


We are totally psyched by Camptown Races’ new book, Kelpie. It’s part of our Halloween crush…and is it ever spooky!

Joy: Spooky is right. My hair stood right on end!

Bliss: Me, too! Kinda annoying…it took me 45 minutes to get that hairstyle right.

Joy: This book is short, but good. It’s got a really strange twist at the end.

Bliss: “Strange”! That’s an understatement. I mean…a horse? In the river? What?

Joy: Those Celts! It’s a Scottish story that goes way back to the Middle Ages. Or maybe even before that. Druids!

Bliss: Maybe the guy was a Druid, huh?

Joy: All things are possible!

Don’t miss this fun, quickie Halloween read! It’s at Amazon right now.

All things are possible...

Love and kisses,

Joy and Bliss
The Camptown Ladies

😮   😮  😮

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