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Girls Gallivant While New Books Appear


Aunt Tilly here! Those naughty young ladies, Joy and Bliss, have been partying about town while major developments have been happening here at the (publishing) house. So I guess it’s up to me to tell you of our two brand-new stories about the big, sprawling Latino family whose grown kids have been heading home for Thanksgiving this week.

All things are possible...

All things are possible…

If you’ve ever had (ahem!) teenage pistols ← around the house, you know how awed, amazed, and horrified they get when they contemplate the very possibility that the decrepit parents (ancient at 38 years old) could, just maybe, have those kinds of feelings for each other. Well, as you realize, the possibilities for humor abound. To say nothing of the possibilities for exasperation. And extended frustration. Ana and Pablo revisit this issue on the long car ride home to Mom and Dad’s homestead. Their strategy for outwitting the kids is amusing, as is the gratifying result. Don’t miss it.

Presentation8 LoRes

Meanwhile, the generally harassed Marisol struggles to get home in a failing car. A resourceful young woman, she manages to make the best of a bad situation.

Presentation6 LoResInspiring. Truly inspiring! This is a fun story, and very sexy. And romantic.

Really, all of Roberta’s “Family” stories are pleasantly romantic. They’re perfect escape reading for the times when you’re stuck in the airport or cramped inside an airplane seat. So remember to pack these travel essentials inside your Kindle for your own Thanksgiving trip home!

Yours for a Happy Holiday,

She's so strict!

Those girls haven’t seen “strict” yet!

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