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Yay! A brand-NEW series!


December starts with a brand-new series of Racy Books for Racy Readers: The Travelers’ Tales. It’s perfect for the traveling season: seven airline travelers are becalmed for the night in an airport when a big storm on the East Coast knocks out airline service over the whole region. Bored, restless, and disgusted with their predicament, they begin to tell each other stories to while away the time. The subject? “Your Most Memorable Quickie!”


The first to tell her tale is the deceptively mousy-looking librarian, Aileen. By the time she finishes, her newfound friends look at her in an entirely light.

Presentation6 LoResThis is a very fun series of short, mellow, and entertaining reads, perfect if you’re stuck in an airport…or the dentist’s waiting room, or the carpool waiting line outside the kids school…perfect for the last few minutes before you turn out the lights for bed-time, too!

Enjoy! And please leave a review at Amazon. We love to learning how readers like our books!

All things are possible...

All things are possible…


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