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Doings and Flu-ings


The Boss has been, like, TOTALLY distracted for the past few weeks. The Christmas season was beyond  hectic. Then on Christmas day the Boss came down with the flu or something and was knocked out for two weeks. Then three tons of work came rolling into her editorial business like some kind of tidal wave. She’s still trying to swim out from under that.

Aunt Tilly caught the cold, too, which meant she hasn’t been able to keep an eye on us. Heee heee! And that’s a good thing. 😉

Seriously: we’re sorry for Aunt Tilly. And the Boss. But for those of us who don’t have a bug…it’s been fun.

Meanwhile, life has gone on. We have a couple of new books online, and more to come. Life in the Ivory Tower is live here at Amazon. A pleasingly ironic story, The Personal Trainer, can also be had from Amazon. Don’t miss it — it’s pretty funny.

Presentation2 LoRes

And the next story in that Roberta Stuart series, The Artist, went on sale last Wednesday. We enjoyed reading about Bernard’s adventure in this Traveler’s Tale — you will, too.

Presentation6 LoRes

Meanwhile, the Boss’s  new diet/cookbook, 30  pounds/4 months, isn’t even in print yet and it’s already sold FIVE pre-publication paperback copies! And hardly anyone knows about it…

It’s available in digital format at Amazon, but we think it makes more sense to have a cookbook in a form that won’t get damaged if you sprinkle flour on it.

Dark Kindle LoResThe printer is busy preparing the approved print copies, which we hope will be ready within the next week or ten days. You can order a copy direct from Plain & Simple Press, at a $2 discount off the $12.99 price, by sending a message from the Contact page.

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