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We’re B-a-a-c-k! With a NEW TITLE


Things have been quiet here around the House. The Boss caught whatever that bug was that’s been going around, and then Aunt Tillie got it, and then we got it, and then…well, our clientele came down with it. So everybody’s been laying inert with little X’s over their eyes. But now we’re all better and swinging from the chandeliers again.

We have a new book out: The Travelers Tales. It brings the six tales that have appeared at Amazon together and adds the final story, as yet unpublished anywhere else: “Sky High.” A very high-flying quickie, that one. 😀

In The Travelers’ Tales, seven airline passengers are stuck overnight in an airport when their plane is grounded by one of those fine East-Coast storms. As the strangers slowly get to know each other, they spot a couple exiting a bathroom, ever so slightly en deshabille and looking like they’ve been up to something. The travelers, being grown-ups, are mildly amused by this.

Then one of the group suggests they pass the time by telling stories about themselves. In specific, he suggests they describe “your most memorable quickie.” After some slightly embarrassed laughter, the mousy-looking librarian starts them off. And still waters do run deep!

Great story, at Amazon for a fraction of what it costs to buy all seven books.

Just now some of the individual stories are unavailable due to a technical glitch. So if you’d like to read any of them, grabbing them all in one swell foop is not only the most economical way to get the whole set, it’s the only way.

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