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December 11, 2015
by The Ladies

Lots Going On at Camptown Races!

Camptown Races and our sister company, Plain and Simple Press, have got a lot going on this week! We just published the second “traveler” story, “Science Teacher.” We love this tale: it has a funny (and kinky!) twist at the … Continue reading

November 20, 2015
by The Ladies

wooHoo! Our first vector drawing cover!

It’s daring, very daring! Not the content of the cover, but the style of the cover. Some people think that readers connect more readily to photographic images than to drawings and paintings. Hence if you work for a magazine or … Continue reading

October 8, 2015
by The Ladies

Veronica & KJ, comin’ our way!

The Boss is publishing Camptown Races Press’s next book this weekend. It’s called Veronica & KJ, and it’s pretty interesting stuff: “transgender and more,” as she puts it. We all had a time trying to locate a nice cover image. … Continue reading