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Our books are for readers age 18 and up. For that reason, all our products are for sale on Amazon and through other retailers that require use of a credit card issued to or under the supervision of an adult. Please click on the images to purchase books at one of those sites.

The Travelers’ Tales
A Roberta Stuart Series

A huge storm over the East Coast shuts down air travel, leaving travelers stranded in airports all over the region. As evening turns to night, seven weary travelers are stuck in a waiting room, hoping to hear at any time that they can reboard their plane. Fighting boredom and frustration, one of them suggests they pass the time telling stories. The subject? Your most memorable quickie!

Presentation6 LoResOne Night in the Library

First to go is Aileen, the librarian whose mousy appearance is, as it develops, deceptive…


Presentation7-3 LoResScience Teacher

When the microscope repairman shows up at her laboratory door, Janice is surprised to find he’s there to fix something altogether different.


Presentation3 LoResLife in the Ivory Tower

We know who Jeff is…but WHO is that woman?


Presentation2 LoResThe Personal Trainer

Have you ever wanted to serve up that ever-lovin’ cheatin’ hubby of yours a nice big plate of frosted cookies? If so — or if you just appreciate poetic justice — you’ll find this story radically gratifying.

Presentation6 LoResThe Artist

Bernard is an antiques dealer. One day he goes to visit a new client. Something altogether new results.


The Family at the Holidays
A Roberta Stuart Series

The seven adult children of a large Latino family head home for the Thanksgiving holidays, bringing kids and companions. Mom and Dad await them at the homestead. Eight romantic stories of love and sex.

Ruby & Frank LoResRuby and Frank
in the Bedroom

With the kids batting around the house and their part of the dinner to be prepared, she just wanted her man.


Presentation5-2 LoResSofia and Rico
in the Bakery

Mom sent her to the bakery to pick up the cake. She thought “cake” was a little unusual for a Thanksgiving dinner. Little did she know how unusual her mother’s plan was.


Presentation6 LoResMarisol and Banny
Driving to San Diego

When her car broke down on the freeway, Marisol was having a time getting home. Luckily, a tow truck driver gave her a lift.


Presentation8 LoResPablo and Ana
in the Store

Making one’s escape from teenagers is never easy…


Draft cover Daniela 4 LoResDaniela and James
on the Freeway

She was the love of his life.


Presentation2 AngieBillie LoResAnge and Billie
The Roomie’s Friend

Ange’s roommate heads home for Thanksgiving, leaving her friend behind. When Billie stumbles out of the bedroom the next morning, she meets Ange in the kitchen, and things start to cook! A lesbian love story begins.


Presentation9 LoResJulio, Andrea, and Karyn

Julio notices the girl(s) next door. Relaxing on his balcony before it’s time to start home for the holiday, Julio finds his attention distracted by a neighbor. And then another neighbor!


Presentation 2 LoResHumberto & Ricío

After all these years of marriage, parenting, and grandparenting, the family patriarch and matriarch are still passionately in love.

Spooky, Paranormal, Magical

Craig's List Janet THUMBJanet and the Djinn

Enjoy a little magical realism in your life? You’ll love this fun and gratifying romp! When a heartbroken Janet seeks a little diversion by answering a Craig’s List “Personals” ad, she finds way more than she expected!


Ouija 1 coverimageTHUMBThe Ouija Lover

A rose, a candle, and an inquiring woman call in a mysterious spirit. A very spirited romp materializes!


Ouija Lover 2 cover 5 LoResThe Taming of Bonnie

Part 2 of The Ouija Lover story: Stephanie and Bonnie learn how strange the mysterious spirit really is.


KelpieCover 3 LoResThe Kelpie

A water demon, a Scottish maiden, and a surprising encounter.


Forbidden love THUMBForbidden Love
The Unforgiven Sin

A story for All Hallow’s Eve and for La Día de los Muertos


BB1 THUMBNAILBobbi and the Biker

When restless university professor Bobbi Stuart is stranded in 115-degree heat, she’s rescued by the very man who alarmed and intrigued her just a short time earlier. Events unwind in ways she never could have imagined.


BB 2 THUMBNAILBobbi’s Secret Life

As Bobbi becomes more involved with BillyBob, she is drawn into his blue-collar social world, one that is as alien as Mars to her.


Veronica & KJ 2Girlfriends LORESVeronica and KJ

An unusual and touching story of a transgendered woman who finds love in an unexpected place.


cabinFevercoverTHUMBCabin Fever

She thought he was just another rich frat rat. He just wanted to sail.